My Books

What Would It Take book (Intro level)

Entrepreneurs deal with increasing change and chaos as the pace of tech and social changes heats up. Using only the rational mind is not enough to succeed today. The easy to use WWIT (What Would It Take) tool cuts through complex business decisions. Read more about the WWIT book.

Intuitive Leadership Mastery book (Advanced level)

Intuitive Leadership Mastery is a hands-on manual for business intuition. It provides practical tools and exercises needed to develop your business intuition skills, including:
  • Powerful Visualization Methods
  • WWIT (What Would It Take) Tool
  • Decision Journaling
  • Negativity and Self Sabotage Clearing

The application of these tools in your business and life include:

  • Business and Team Vision
  • Hiring, Managing, Firing
  • Marketing and Sales, Accounting and Legal
  • Deals and Business Sales
  • Reducing Stress