Our mission

We help entrepreneurs and business leaders improve their biz intuition and use it openly in their companies. So they can make more money, have less stress and more joy. I believe that leaders who use their intuition more will make less stupid biz decisions that hurt other people or the planet.


Hi, I am Michaela Light, author of "Intuitive Leadership Mastery" and "What Would It Take?".

I help CEOs dramatically increase their business intuition so that they can grow their biz faster with less stress. And not burn out with even more work hours.

In a 1,000 member international entrepreneur community, I am known as Ms. What Would It Take.

It has been 15 years since I stopped only using my logical brain to run my businesses and stepped up my intuition to help me make faster and better decisions.

I have helped thousands of CEOs reach their goals 4x faster than before. Here is what  one of them had to say:

"I'm working on things that are more fun, more exciting and more enriching for me...from a personal perspective, but also from a career standpoint. And I have to say, this is surprising for me because 2016 will mark the ninth year of me running my business. I was actually looking to exit my business and to try something completely new, different and more exciting. But after working with Michaela for the past three+ months, I realized that I didn't have the right framework to reach my goals."

- Dustin Overbeck, CEO of TownWeb

Here is Michaela's story:

"Before this intuitive shift, I wasn’t fully happy

I used to worry about making the right decisions. I would work long hours, sometimes drinking beer to keep going late at night. I would create complex pro/cons spreadsheets but still end up hiring people who were not a great fit for my company. Or worse who stole from me or messed up projects.

I tried to put on a smiling face for my staff and clients but it was a sham.

Underneath I was in long term low-grade depression.

My business did not fully turn me on any more.

I would go out drinking on weekends to try to add some joy into my life. But that didn’t really work.

And at home, I would overeat to stuff down the negative emotions. Gaining about 30 lbs over a few years.

I was a complaining expert. The passion had gone from my life.

It all changed in 2000

I had joined a truth-telling group to try to save my 7-year relationship. We learned a lot of better communication skills. So much so that we both stayed in the group after we separated. And were able to express what we had not been able to do in the years before.

I went to an honesty retreat and started bringing better communication skills into work.

I came out at work and in public as transgendered and bisexual - because living my truth became more important to me that obeying other people's judgments and my own deep fears about what others might say about me.

I went to hundreds of conferences and workshops on personal growth, spirit and magic. And my intuition started to increase.

I started to add handwriting analysis to my hiring process. And cut out all the bad hires I had made before.

As I went further down the rabbit hole of intuition and spirit I learned how we create our own reality. And realized I had created how my business was previously: stressful, rigid and scarcity mentality.

That was a bit of a bummer for a while until I realized that now I could create it any way I wanted to for the better.

Yoga and health

I had a car accident in 2001 and did several months of physiotherapy. When that ran out I got 10 weeks of Rolfing. He really repaired my body. I wanted more but he said I had to look after my own body and suggested yoga. I was angry at him for a while then tried yoga. Wow! My body was happy with yoga and I was in better shape than I had been for years!

I got more into it and meditation and started going to 10-day yoga retreats twice a year.

Then I did yoga teacher training. More as a way for deeper spiritual growth than to teach...

But boy did it kick my butt over 9-months and super wake up my intuition.

I also quit alcohol and cleaned up my diet. That helped me hear my intuitive messages better too.

Then in 2010 I was working from home. I figured I could be running my business from “home” anywhere in the world.

I started to get strong messages from my intuition to go to the Andes. I didn’t know why I should go or what the heck I would do there. But I kept asking friends if they knew anyone there. Finally one of my fellow yoga students told me that I could stay with her family in La Paz Bolivia for a few weeks and that she would help me find an apartment there. I bought a 3-month return ticket. I didn’t speak more than 20 words of Spanish when I got on the plane! I was frightened out of my mind but I just kept moving.

Once I arrived in the mountains of La Paz I knew I had made the right decision.

Later I moved to Cusco Peru where there are even more healers and other spiritual people. Where I continue to live 6 months of the year. Traveling in Europe, Asia and the US in the other months. For conferences and entrepreneur events. And for the joy of traveling. (I have a secret goal to visit all 200 countries in the world - currently on #53)

I apprenticed to a powerful intuitive businesswoman for a year. Learning all I could about intuitive sales, hiring, marketing and more.

Then in 2015 I took a 6-month intensive intuitive life coach training that boosted my intuitive skills to the moon."


Common questions

Do I have to quit my job and sell all of my material possessions to find true freedom?

No! That is what I did and it made sense to me at that time in my life.

Consciously creating your life is cool, but not everyone can leave their home and travel the world running their business remotely. Some of us have marriages, families, aging parents, or businesses commitments that we want to keep.

Take the elements of conscious life creation that work for you. And let go the rest. It is your life!


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