What Would It Take book

Entrepreneurs deal with increasing change and chaos as the pace of tech and social changes heats up. Using only the rational mind is not enough to succeed today. The easy to use WWIT (What Would It Take) tool cuts through complex business decisions. Entrepreneur and business intuition expert Michaela Light walks you step-by-step through this tool and its applications to all areas of business.

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Discover how to use WWIT to:

• Hire ideal candidates fast
• Improve your sales and marketing dramatically
• Make accurate intuitive business decisions in minutes
• Add both joy and profits to your company

Why now?

The pace of tech and social change has increased exponentially in the last 10 years. Making decisions in only the old-school, analytical way doesn't work anymore and causes burnout. WWIT cuts through the complex problem of how to get ahead, without doubling your work hours and sacrificing your health and family.
This is a hands-on manual, providing the practical tools and exercises needed to develop your business intuition skills using the WWIT (What Would It Take) Tool.
Author Michaela Light, known in the business world as ‘Ms. What Would It Take,’ has been utilizing these intuition tools for over 15 years in business. She uses this system to train CEOs and entrepreneurs all over the world, helping them to get past the challenges that have left them stressed and poorer in the past. 
“I rely far more on gut instinct than researching huge amounts of statistics.” - Richard Branson, CEO Virgin Group

What entrepreneurs and business leaders are saying about WWIT

Jan Roos

January 19, 2018

Vivien C

January 19, 2018


January 19, 2018

Markus Seebauer

January 19, 2018

“There is no shortage of business books that focuses on how to answer e-mails better.
However, I've always found that increased productivity comes only to a minor degree from doing
things better. The biggest gains tend to come from deciding what things to do at all. Isolating the
things that really make a difference in your business and then stop doing everything else, is
something I found very helpful. It's also the essence of 'What Would It Take?' - the strategy
outlined in this book.” – Phil Heather

“Michaela has a very clear way of showing you how to change the results you get in your
business using your intuition. The tools he teaches are easy to use, they're fun and effective! If
you're not using your intuition in your business, you need to be! I use the What Would It Take
questions and I'm seeing great results with my clients - not just any clients, but my ideal clients!”
– Lisa Anderson, founder The Healer’s Healer